Wednesday, May 26, 2010

CONGRATULATIONS AMY DIAZ for representing America

Amy Diaz, the current Miss Earth United States 2009, participated in the Miss Tourism Intercontinental in Malaysia. Unfortunately she was 2nd runner up but we are still proud of all her accomplishments.

Amy was just in our fashion show, "Elements of Green" as part of Fashion Miami Week as well. How she does it, we don't know. Her frequent flyer miles should be HUGE. Amy is wearing a Franovik Designs creation for the national dress.

The Miss Earth United States pageant is coming up in August 1 through 4, a few weeks before Miss Universe. Make sure you all support this pageant. Amy will crown the new delegate, Miss Earth and Miss Teen Earth will be in Nevada as well.

Visit their website,, we should be their in August, we will kill two birds with one stone, going to Miss Earth and Miss Universe.

See you there and remember, GO GREEN!

Viktor Franovik
Founder, CEO & Stylist

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MISS USA Pageant was broadcasted on NBC and to our pleasure, Miss Morgan Woolard representing Oklahoma was among the delegates;  then top ten (10), then top five (5) and finally first (1) runner up to the title of Miss USA. (You should have won!)

We had the pleasure of meeting Morgan last year at the Miss Earth United States Pageant, held at Primm Valley, Nevada.

FRANOVIK DESIGNS are the official national costume designers for the organization. We also put a fashion show together for Evan Skow, Pageant Director and the organization, where most of the delegates modeled our garments and garments from the stores in the adjacent fashion mall.

Morgan, Unfortunately got there late and did not participate. We did have the pleasure to have both outgoing queens, Jana Murrell-Miss Earth United States and Sarah Fitzgerald-Miss Teen Earth United States, among other delegates-All winners in their hometowns.

Morgan, you are gorgeous and we wish you the best! Good Luck, we'll see you in Miss Universe in August.

Hugs & Kisses,