Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Is it me or does anyone else see and are upset with drug abuse? We have lost too many of our favorite performers to prescription drugs, alcohol and overdosing! That's a deadly combination. Can we do something about this?

Just recently, we lost Whitney Houston to this ill. The Ultimate Pop Diva!

I, like many others, were waiting for an All Time come back. 2009 was a partial come back and I was counting and praying for a come back album and performance.

I think fondly of those first albums, anthem ballads, dance songs, movie themes and gospel hymns.

What's wrong with people, Jesus, they have everything; the career, the fame, the money, the love from their fans and the WORLD. Is that not enough? Is the pain so bad that they can't get the help they need without taking the easy way out and taking prescription drugs.

Whatever happened to will power and just saying no.

I remember some time ago, when my former husband (the love of my life)  broke up with me, I was devastated and got into a shady lifestyle although it was when I was most Beautiful.

I went to the gym and beach everyday, worked on myself and my tan and got into prostituted myself and heavy into drugs until one day, I looked in the mirror and said STOP.

So I stopped cold turkey and life moved on. I realize everyone is different and take things differently but I had to love myself enough to say I'm worth it. And I'm not saying I'm better than anyone, cause I'm not but I was put on this earth because I have something to say, something to prove, a purpose that has to be fulfilled before I perish.

These performers had things to say, things to prove, their purpose in life which for all other, was to spread joy to the world with their gift of song, dance and film.

I am going to miss Whitney, as I will Amy, Michael and all those that have lost their lives to overdosing on drugs and alcohol.  

Let's toy with this idea, What if physicians took more time to sit down with their patients, in this case, Entertainers and discuss their medical needs instead of writing a prescription. What if your physician wrote you a referral for a physiological evaluation prior too writing a script. What if your physician evaluated your mindset before writing a script. What a concept to care.

I am not blaming the physician at all, it is much fault of the patient too but if we took a little more time to evaluate and had a medical professional (mandatory) like CNA, an LPN or maybe even an RN by their side, they'd still be here.

I'm just saying......