Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises-(Blog and my Review)

How can I start besides saying it took me a few weeks to see this movie, one of my favorite if not my favorite superhero, BATMAN.

The opening scene was amazing, NO, FREAKING AMAZING (and that's not the word I want to use) the plane scene- something from a bond movie, it was EPIC (and I am going to be using this word a lot) because  it was EPIC!

It was action packed although Batman made a 45 minute appearance throughout the movie. Dark Knight rises was emotional, a rollercoaster ride, so much I really have to see this movie twice. The first time for the WOW-exciting  factor and the second time to understand all of the story lines happening at the same time.

You have Batman- Bruce Wayne, Bane, Selina Kyle, Commissioner Gordon, Alfred, Luscious Fox, Agent Blake, Cameo Villains, Characters and even Gotham City.
Bruce Wayne, played by Christian Bale was  lost and distant battles with himself, an emotional Wayne was amazing, I felt his pain throughout the Movie, and he got beat up tons more than other movies, I was very surprised-how can they beat up my honey.

 Bain was bad to the core, although in my opinion he had a great concept but handled it so wrong, Chaos is not the way to go. 
 Selina Kyle/Cat woman-played by the fabulous Anne Hathaway was breathtaking; I have always loved Anne, in this movie, I have a new found LOVE for her craft even more; OMG, She looked stunning, fit, the hair was working, glasses that turns into cat ears-YUMM and she kicked some serious ASS, Oh and her boots with that gold heel were FABULOUS!! Please tell me those boots are in a size 14, PLEASE!!!!!! Love you ANNE..
Commissioner  Gordon, played by one of my favorite actors, Gary Oldman was sick and in bed for the early part of the movie but as usual does not disappoint although his role was not as big as previous movies. Alfred had more face time, it was a good thing to do, the emotions poured by Michael Caine in this movie grabbed me, this man who had dedicated all of his life to Master Wayne and then has to choose between life or death and then Bruce just lets him go was cruel.

Mr. Fox-Morgan Freeman-another one of my favorite actors was also stellar. I would love to meet him, he should have been our first African American President! Agent Blake-Joseph Gordon-Levitt, not a new face to movies, was very convincing, as soon as I saw him talk to Bruce Wayne, and how he spoke I figured out he was going to be involved in some way, (Robin) but deduced he was not but can you say Nightwing!! hmmmmm.....
Gotham City (New York), why does everyone want to destroy my city? No really, my City, I'm a New Yorker, well Brooklyn boy but still a New Yorker! It was rough to see all the city and bridges, places I used to hang at; reminded me of 911-WHY?????? Oh, we got to see the progress of the Freedom Tower, can't wait to for the grand opening. I think I will be there for that event.   

On another note, Batman's toys did not disappoint either, the BAT was crazy. And folks don't see this movie in a regular movie theatre, see it at IMAX. You have to get the full EPIC of this movie, seeing this on a five story screen, and the sound, hearing and feeling this Soundtrack; C'mon it's an injustice to the senses.  The visuals superb, I wanted to dive in. Can you guys feel, I'm loving this movie. I want to see it again and see in IMAX again.
The fight and chase scenes were monumental, it kept me on the edge of my seat.  The end was just as incredible, it took me by surprise, I completely lost it; It was hard for me to swallow, tears flowing for my eyes, I was holding back from hyper ventilating. Can you tell I'm a fan?

When it ended I could not get out of my seat, I had to compose myself before I walked out. It grabbed me in a different way, I think, for me this movie was emotional for me.
I am really going to miss Director Christopher Nolan, his point of view in this trilogy well what can I say besides Oscar winning. I hope his next project is Nightwing (hint, Hint)...

For those that have not seen this movie, GO SEE IT!!!!  
Viktor Franovik