Monday, September 12, 2011


Another year, 60th anniversary..Congrads Miss Universe Organization!!!! Now let's dish about this year show. Brazil, What Happened? It was boring, I was expecting more, more and more!!! It was tame, again, What Happened BRAZIL? It was kinda odd this year...I heard MUO had a new Director, Donald come back!!! My opinion and personal observations.

I have grown up with Miss Universe and have seen all the changes and crowns..One of them is obviously killing me, most of the previous winners have won in white gowns, the last couple of years they have won in colors: reds, yellows, blues, all we need now is someone to win in black....This year at least the top ten had white, although not the prettiest gowns.  

Another thing, we did not see the scores of the judges, instead we got the fans/viewers. I wanted to see how Amelia was voting. If we are going to rate and/or grade the girls, those points should mean something. By my calculations, their were some delegates in the top 10 that should not have been there. So why show points if their not going to be used.

In the past, correct me if I am wrong but I believe the top ten were asked a question to feel them out and get their impressions; then right after the top 5 were announced, again correct me if I am wrong.

Like last year I saw less time with the girls and more time about the sponsors and the entertainment; which by the way was a little lame....Also what happened to the costumes? As a designer, I want to see my creation on the stage, good or bad, I was short changed. So we saw the top 10 costumes, I wanted to see all 89.

Okay, at least they kept the crown, i could not bare with another crown change.....Every year they change the crown, I was getting used too Mikimoto and boom the crown is changed. How about going back to the original big bulky crown that everyone knew just by a quick glimpse.

The bathing suits were okay, i expected to see more skin..DUH, it's BRAZIL. 

I love pageants especially Miss Universe, can't we go back to basics, elegance and really probe women's minds and not the popularity of controversy. 

OMG, did this become a bitchen session, I forgot to congratulate Leila for her victory, first time Angola wins!!!

Blessings darling.....Call me...

Viktor Franovik
(Photo courtesy of Miss Universe Organization) Happy 60th!!!

Friday, August 5, 2011



Friday, May 27, 2011



Another Idol gone...and I'm glad too. I am also glad whomever got it right, America or the Producers, all this is fixed anyway but I am glad the right one won....

I stopped calling in after the second year and did not watch Idol for a couple of years too. I returned this year because of the new judges, I missed Simon but I was willing to give it a try. So I started watching, not really impressed but stuck with it until they let go of Pia.

Whomever really votes got it so wrong, I, like so many other people were outraged and really upset. I checked allover the place, Facebook, Twitter, Bloggers, every social site had something to say. Needless to say, I stopped watching it and basically got updates from my local FOX channel but kept seeing that Stefano...How he stayed there is beyond me but it pays to be cute...He should be doing porn but that's my opinion. 

I have always been a fan of Idol, sick of Ryan Seacrest and sometimes yo yo Randy Jackson but I am on the fence with next year....In my opinion, again whomever votes, this is my take on Idol. 

Year 1, right choice-Kelly Clarkson
Year 2, wrong choice-it should have been Clay Aiken but he went onto bigger better things-Ruben out of gas, although i do love some of his songs
Year 3, hard for me cause i liked both but Fantasia did well, loved her summertime version but Diana also went onto Broadway 
Year 4, right choice-Carrie Underwood-no one better, sorry BO
Year 5, wrong choice-it should have been Katherine McPhee, sorry Taylor loved you too but she won
Year 6, UN-IMPRESSIVE, it was obvious, it was going downhill for me and many others, although right choice with Jordin Sparks, blake what were you thinking....
Year 7, wrong choice-it should have been David Archuleta not David Cook
Year 8, Saw it on and off-I did not like either, Kris Allen-Duh? and Miss Lambert too Gay for me and I'm  GAY!!!! Although I do think he's GORGEOUS
Year 9, Did not see it at all, Lee Dwyze won but I can't tell you if he deserved it
Year 10, New judges, maybe a new spin, PIA strongest singer gone, I stopped watching it..although I loved Scotty from the get go, I actually picked him as the winner but lost interest. I'm sure PIA will do fine and as soon as her CD is out, I'm buying it but she should have been at the end with Scotty.

I am very happy and pleased he won....we will see about next year. On another note, I heard that this was supposed to be Idol's last year...It's not though, I heard Ryan mention the auditions cities for next year. 

Whatever, no sense of stressing now but we'll see about next year....Looking forward to catching XFactor and Do you think you can Dance.....

Viktor Franovik 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011



Saturday, January 29, 2011


Let’s talk about us for a while, in other words, can we talk? I look at myself in the mirror everyday and ponder on how am I going to stay and look young, how am I going to lose weight and keep it off and how am I going to help and cure any illnesses I might have.

Like many of us, I have a weight issues and try to take it off. From starving myself to eliminating carbs and sugars, or just eating proteins, or eating “wabbit food” and drinking gallons of water, working out, walking, bla, bla, bla; nothing seems to work fast enough. 

So like everyone else, I run to the Internet and start to research and look for that miracle pill, procedure, and/or gimmick.

Well I remembered someone had told me about cinnamon, and how Cinnamon helps glucose levels and diabetic type 2 patients. I looked around and googled Cinnamon which took me to different organic herb websites, and then some.

In my search, I found this article regarding weight loss, see attached. I hope it’s true because I will be trying it. If any of my readers are professionals in this area, please comment on it. Read up!

Cinnamon Lotion to Reduce Belly Fat
By LissaJ, eHow Contributor

Belly fat makes it hard to fit into attractive pants, skirts or shirts. Belly fat also disrupts the way that your natural waist looks and makes you look heavier than you are. Help rid yourself of belly fat by coupling a good diet with a proper exercise routine and adding in cinnamon lotion to help your skin tighten. Cinnamon lotion is mostly used in cellulite massage, and according to Natural Fat Loss's site on Home Remedies for Cellulite, the massage with cinnamon lotion can help reduce the cellulite that adds to belly fat.


Make a cinnamon based essential oil massage lotion by taking a lotion base, like a plain, unscented and unflavored massage lotion, and adding one tablespoon of cinnamon for every 12 ounces of lotion. Or, purchase a cinnamon based lotion at your local department store or health products store. Add other essential oils, or purchase a lotion with cinnamon and other oils as you wish. Those that work well with cinnamon to reduce belly fat include clove, chamomile, germanium, sandalwood, rosemary and lavender. You can combine these oils with cinnamon and use liberally and freely to help promote a reduction in belly fat.

Apply Massage

Use the cinnamon lotion with added essential oils to massage your belly and other areas where fat has built up. The cinnamon triggers your skin to tighten and firm by helping to rejuvenate your skin cells, break down dying cells and build new cells. Cinnamon acts as an accelerator, helping new skin cells to grow more quickly to replace cells that are old and damaged. As new skin cells grow, they use up the energy stored in the cellulite, or belly fat. As the energy is burned up, so is the fat itself.


Repeat the massage twice a day, being sure to massage all areas of your belly. Along with the rejuvenation of cells, cinnamon helps to tighten and firm your skin by causing it to constrict. Cinnamon naturally causes constriction, and as your skin constricts and become tighter, the belly fat or cellulite disappears. 

Continue to use cinnamon lotion on your skin, and to infuse your massage with other essential oils that are also fat fighting. After six to eight weeks of massage, you will find a reduction in the amount of belly fat you have.

I am going to give this a whirl and see if this really works, in the meantime, I've put myself on somewhat of a diet...I'm really just watching what i eat.....

Viktor Franovik