Friday, September 24, 2010

15 Big Benefits of Water

Whether you want shinier hair, younger skin, a healthier body or all three, pure, clear water is the world's best beauty elixir.
Add Shine
For years, hairdressers have been saying a cool-water rinse leaves hair glossier. Is it true? Yes! The chilly temp constricts the cuticle layer of your hair so it lies flatter; making strands smoother and more reflective.
Cleanse and Condition
Too much seawater can dry out your locks, but oceans are good for something -- their nutrient-rich waters support marine botanicals (like sea kelp) that can cleanse, repair and detangle strands. Try this nourishing combo:
Depth Refresh Daily Shampoo ($10; cleanses without drying, thanks to hydrating sea lettuce and red algae extract in a purified-water base.
Rusk Deepshine Sea Kelp Conditioner ($14; Ulta stores) is packed with marine extracts, such as sea kelp, that strengthen and add shine. Plus, UVB absorbers help shield your hair from the sun's damaging rays.

Tame Tresses
Soft shower water leaves hair more manageable because there are few mineral salts (pesky molecules that can make strands rough and prone to tangles).
If you have hard water (find out here), install a water-softening shower filter. It can stop your color from fading, too.
Prevent Damage
You probably know from firsthand experience that chlorinated or salty water can turn healthy hair into a frizzy mess.
But the fix is easier than you think. "Just rinse your hair in the shower or under a hose before swimming," says Laini Reeves, owner and creative director of Essensuals London, a salon in Los Angeles. "The strands will absorb their fill of clean water, so they won't be able to soak up as much of the damaging water." After your dip, coat hair with conditioner for extra protection from the sun.
Make Waves
Ever heard of setting lotions, those old-fashioned solutions that help hair hold a curl? Well, water is truly the most natural setting lotion available. Each of your strands is made up of hydrogen bonds that separate when hair is wet, according to Jeni Thomas, a Pantene senior scientist. If you manipulate hair's texture while wet, "the hydrogen bonds reform as it dries, holding the new shape."
Here's how to use that little bit of chemistry to your advantage: Mist hair with water, separate it into four sections, twist each into a small bun and secure with a pin. Blow-dry (or air-dry), then unravel for soft waves.
Create a Lasting Style
Conditioners contain ingredients like dimethicone and plant oils that smooth and detangle your strands. But that nice slippery feeling they leave behind can actually make your hair harder to style. Reeves says you can fix this problem by misting on a water-based primer, like Shu Uemura Art of Hair Depsea Moisture Foundation ($33; Shu Uemura Art of Hair), after detangling but before applying styling products. "It absorbs some of the oil and rebalances the moisture level of your hair so the style you create will hold longer," she explains.

Brighten Eyes
A cold compress helps reduce under-eye inflammation, but you can get a similar effect with H2O. "As water evaporates from skin, the surface becomes cooler," cosmetic chemist Ni'Kita Wilson explains, so a splash of water can depuff temporarily. For a long-term solution, try a cooling, water-rich eye gel like Vichy Aqualia Antiox Anti-Fatigue Eye Stick ($28; drugstores) with brightening citrus polyphenol.
Firm Your Skin
For centuries, people in Eastern Europe have gone to bathhouses for water therapy to detoxify and tighten their skin. The process, which involves a steam-room session to open pores, followed by a cold-pool plunge to shock skin, is easy to replicate at home, according to Eva Scrivo, a New York City-based beauty expert and host of Beauty Talk on Sirius Satellite Radio.
Just soak a washcloth in steaming hot (but bearable) water, then lay it over your face for a minute. Next, wash with your favorite cleanser and rinse with warm water. For your "plunge," splash with cold water about 15 times. "It may sound old-fashioned, but it really works to invigorate and tighten your skin," Scrivo says.
Smooth Lines
Wrinkles are less noticeable when skin cells are well hydrated, according to Dr. Howard Murad, author of "The Water Secret: the Cellular Breakthrough to Look and Feel 10 Years Younger." He suggests using a moisturizer with humectants, which help attract water to skin cells. Try Olay Total Effects Plus Cooling Hydration ($19; drugstores).
Add Radiance
Hydrating from the inside makes skin more luminous, nutritionist and author of "The O2 Diet" Keri Glassman says. To see results, drink eight glasses a day. It sounds like a lot, but many women need that much to see a difference in their skin, she notes.

Correct Your Complexion
No matter what your skin woe, there's a natural water source from around the world that can help -- and a closer-to-home product with the same effect!
Find out which products use mineral-rich H2O from around the globe here.
Tone Muscles
Water is about 12 times more resistant than air, so it takes more effort to move while submerged, according to Terry-Ann Gibson, associate professor of kinesiology at Boise State University. That means exercises you do in a pool are extra-effective muscle sculptors.
An easy one to try: Stand in water up to your neck, then move your arms and legs as if you're cross-country skiing for one minute.
Dedimple Legs
Losing weight improves the look of cellulite, but hydrating from the inside out is the No. 1 natural way to plump skin so underlying fat cells are less noticeable. You can hydrate and slim down by eating water-rich fruits and veggies.
One study in Japan showed women who got their H20 this way had smaller waists and lower BMls than those who sipped their fluids. Some of the most water-rich foods are now in season!
Here are a few ways to "eat" your water.
Reduce Anxiety
Zen Buddhist monks have incorporated water features in their meditative gardens for hundreds of years because of their soothing sounds. And studies show listening to nature -- particularly running water and waves -- helps reduce anxiety. Feeling stressed? Place a tabletop fountain at your desk or download the sounds of the surf at Nature Music Download.
Improve Your Sleep
Soaking in a hot bath before bed can help you transition into a deeper, more restful sleep, a study at Loughborough University found.

This bedtime ritual, inspired by the super-luxe Indochine Indulgence treatment from La Costa Resort and Spa in California, will help you get your z's.
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Courtesy of  AOL Health for Models&Designers Magazine
September 24, 2010

Viktor Franovik

Thursday, September 23, 2010


September 22, 2010

Julie Rabbani, Editor in Chief of Bayfront Magazine hosted a lavish launch at LIV last night. Julie was surrounded by friends, family, photographers, associates, colleagues, local celebrities and featured designers Viktor and Francisco of Franovik Designs.

The evening was hot, as most Miami Beach nights are, the music was kicking, drinks flowing and the most beautiful people came out on a Wednesday night to celebrate.

Julie looked dashing last night, and the magazine…..the STAR of the evening was sensational. I saw people flipping through the pages, some folks spotted us and came over to congratulate us and ask us why ECO COUTURE; as we explained the why, what, and how most got the picture of what we were all about.

It’s about helping the environment and making use of what we have and recreating instead of tossing or putting it away in storage. Recycling is what we do, it’s more than just ECO, it’s creating “Wearable Pieces of Art” and giving back to the community; another part of Franovik, which is fundraising for needy causes.

As we waited for LIV to open its’ doors, we took a tour with a bottle of bubbly as we walked all over. It’s been a while since I last visited the Fontainebleau; the renovations are really good. The HUGE bar as you walk in was packed, as I walked out to the pool the breeze was inviting, it said “just lay by the pool and enjoy” not in a suit unfortunately….Maybe next time we will make it a day.

All and all it was a great evening full of energy, Miami is such a party town. We met new people and made new friends locally and from the West Coast of Florida, SUP NAPLES!!!!!

Thank you Julie, and your staff. You really made us feel special!  We are so looking to the future and building on our relationship. Who knows, we could do a launching of Models & Designers, our magazine in Naples too…..

Much Love,

Viktor Franovik

Monday, September 13, 2010

Yolandita Monge-The Ultimate Diva

Saturday, September 11, 2010
San Juan, Puerto Rico

 I had the pleasure and honor to view and work with the Ultimate Puerto Rican Diva, Yolandita Monge. The show was the Puerto Rican Coliseum.

The show started with a parade of drag queens dressed representing all of Yolandita’s stages in her career. Among the Drag Queens was the vivacious Jessica Wild, finalist in Rupaul’s Drag Race.

The concert was a tribute to 20 years of her “Vivencias” album, which was one of her top selling albums.

Yolandita took us on a rollercoaster of emotions, from the soft “Cierra los Ojos” to “Por Ti”, her opening number.

The performance was a winner, depending on the song; she was transformed into a Madonna type performance, especially when the bed prop came out, Scandalous! 

The crowd of course participated singing along with her. Yolandita took sometime to take requests from her fans, which I thought was very special.

That coliseum was packed, they had to bring more chairs and people were standing to see her; I had to give up my seat for a last minute invitation. Trust me, I was happy going backstage and to the area.

She and the family are personal friends of mine so I have the pleasure of being in the melting pot of her performance. We, Franovik Designs, will be dressing her as well.

The highlight of the show was the closing song where the whole coliseum became a block party; there were “Vejigantes”, Puerto Rican Folklore, performers on stilts matching bands, stompers, everyone jumping and singing. It was AWESOME!

I heard through the grapevine that their will be an encore presentation in another location in Puerto Rico when she returns from Dominican Republic where she has two presentations.

For Yolandita fans this is a show that you must see and for those that are not fans, become fans….She’s AMAZING!

Viktor Franovik

Sunday, September 5, 2010


June 3, 2010

On the forefront of the trend-forecasting trend, Jane Buckingham was a guru before she was 40, deciphering the secret desires of generations X, Y and Z for a who’s who of corporate America including the CW, L’Oreal and Express. With nearly 20 years in the business, she is now president of L.A.-based fashion and lifestyle consulting firm Trendera, a contributing editor at Cosmopolitan magazine, a regular on the TV talk show circuit, and an author.
Her new book, ”The Modern Girl's Guide to Sticky Situations” (Avon, $19.99), is a lifesaver for problems with online dating, at parties, in the kitchen, at the office and in fashion. Pages are filled with thoughtfully-organized solutions to a drunk date, a mother-in-law who wants to wear a sexy dress to your wedding, a botched self-tan, a stinky refrigerator, a one-night stand with a groomsman, an over-salted entree, and on and on. It's the paperback personification of a BFF, and you won't want to leave home without it.
I chatted with Buckingham recently about the book, the third in her “Modern Girl's” series.  
How did you get the idea for the series of Modern Girl's guides?
I realized I am very good at my job, but I am not so good at a lot of other things, like cooking and cleaning, how to hem a pair of pants well or roast a chicken -- things that other generations knew how to do. A lot of people go to their moms for this stuff, but my mom died when I was 21. Besides, you wouldn’t ask your mom how to give your boyfriend a great massage, but it's in the first book. The second book was about motherhood. I wasn’t sure what to do next, then I woke up one night and said, ‘Oh my god! I have to do sticky situations.' Because I’m that person who gets into them all the time.
Give me an example?
Like the invitations for my book party. We used a cute new invitation website, and I don’t know if it had a glitch or we did, but half the people didn’t get the invitation and half the people got it 10 times.
Are we living in a time of sticky situations?
Yes. We function 24/7, we’re always getting e-mails and coping with to-do lists that are too long. The world is intruding now, and everything we say or do can be captured by cellphone or camera at any moment, so we’re bound to get into sticky situations.
How did you come up with the solutions?
We talked to women in focus groups, doctors and experts, combed through books and websites.
I'm going to ask you about a few situations from the book. What do you do when you send an e-mail that you instantly regret?
It happens all the time. There is the service. It doesn’t unsend an e-mail, but it lets you know the moment someone reads an e-mail, so at least then you can do damage control. Depending on how bad the situation is, you can apologize by e-mail or -- if you really hurt feelings -- make a phone call. Also, both Outlook and Google have a recall function. Some people think that draws more attention. But if it’s your boss and she has a lot to do, typically she won’t read an e-mail that has been recalled.
What do you do when you break a corkscrew in a bottle of wine?
You push the cork through, and pour the wine out of the bottle through a coffee filter. The cork will get caught in the filter, then you just pour the wine into a decanter and you’re set.
What do you do if you forget to invite someone important to your party and they find out?
It depends on whether it happens before or after the party. If it happens before, say you are sorry and that you hope they’ll still come. If they don’t accept, they’re being a spoiled sport. If it happens after, call them up and say, 'I hope you know I would never intentionally not invite you.' But apologize once and move on.  If you keep on going, it only makes it worse. And don’t apologize in front of someone else, it only calls attention.
Jane Buckingham will be solving predicaments and signing “The Modern Girl’s Guide To Sticky Situations” Saturday, June 5 at 5:30 p.m. at Book Soup, 8818 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, (310) 659-3110.
-- Booth Moore


Viktor Franovik

Friday, September 3, 2010

FRANOVIK'S MODELS&DESIGNERS MAGAZINE'S WEBSITE TO HAVE A NEWS FEED's website is being re-vamped and completely re-done. It will have a news feed as well.

I have been emailing and speaking to several news feed systems and/or networks including the BBC. The website will also feature our blog and a section called Out&About that will show people and events.

Since we work with so many pageant organizations, we will have a section dedicated to the titleholders and their platforms.

The new site should be up in two weeks. Meanwhile the current site is up but I am not happy with it. Also check out the new franovik website,

FYI- I am also working on Fashion Designers Association Florida's website as well. I am so busy it's not funny...someone pity me.

Viktor Franovik

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Posted on August 11th, 2010, Written by econewsnetwork

Ever wonder how much music artists pollute the Earth while on tour? Today, many musicians are conscientious about the environment, putting shows on for both fans and the environment. Traveling in eco-friendly buses, encouraging fans to recycle and providing education about global warming are just some of the ways musicians contribute to the environmental movement. Here are our picks for the top green music artists!
  1. O.A.R.
Of A Revolution, or better known as O.A.R., can be heard all around the nation rocking out and entertaining their fans. What most probably don’t know is how dedicated O.A.R. is to the environment. Currently, they are touring across the country in their Green Dream tour bus raising awareness about recycling. At each show, the band promotes the importance of how recycling can have a huge environmental impact. If you’re going to be at one of their upcoming shows, be sure to stop at the recycling centers set up throughout the venue where you can learn how to reduce your carbon footprint. This is not new for O.A.R., as they also promoted the environment during their 2008 “Campus Consciousness Tour.”
2. Maroon 5
The acclaimed band, Maroon 5, isn’t just five guys who make girls go crazy all around the world for their music and looks. This talented band shows the same passion for the environment as they do for their music. They use biodiesel fuel in their tour buses, which reduces their carbon footprint, and also teams up with Vote Solar, a non-profit movement promoting solar energy. In 2006, the band was honored at the Environmental Media Awards for their commitment to the environment.  To see how much Maroon 5 truly loves the environment, check out this video to see how they remained green during their 2008 tour.
3. Sheryl Crow
She isn’t just known for her great songs and relationship with Lance Armstrong, Sheryl Crow is a true environmental activist. In 2007, Crow teamed up with activist Laurie David for the “Stop Global Warming” College Tour. Traveling across the country, Crow entertained and educated students about global warming. She encouraged them to become active and help the environment for themselves, their communities and the country. While on tour, she uses biodiesel fuel for every tour bus and promotes a green lifestyle. She was also one of the keynote speakers at last year’s GreenBuild Conference & Expo, a conference dedicated to transforming the way buildings and communities are designed, built and operated to create an environmentally and socially responsible, healthy and prosperous environment.
4. Willie Nelson
Don’t worry, when Willie Nelson goes on the road again he will probably use his own line of alternative fuel called BioWillie. A longtime environmental activist, Nelson promotes the use of biodiesel fuel and keeping the Earth clean. Nelson is an honorary board member of the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance, co-founded by his wife, and that was created to address issues about the U.S. biodiesel industry and its sustainability. He is also a huge supporter of using hemp in fuel and clothing. In the mid-80s, he organized the benefit concert series, Farm Aid, which promoted the environmental benefits of organic and locally grown food and helped family farmers keep their land.
5. The Roots
The Grammy Award Winning hip-hop band, The Roots, may be known for their nightly appearances on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” but did you know they are green activists and animal lovers? The band worked with PETA on the campaign, “Stop the Violence: Go Veg,” combating violence against your body and promoting veganism. They even hosted a Pre-Grammy party in 2007 to raise awareness about green issues. That same year, they launched the “Feed Your Roots” campaign, which educated people on the benefits of composting programs and that helped integrate them into schools nationwide. Continuing their eco-friendliness, they use biodiesel fueled buses while touring across the country.
Many artists, including the ones above, also partner up with the Green Music Group and Reverb to make sure their eco-friendly voices are heard. If your favorite artist or band isn’t on our list, be sure to research and see if they’re doing their part to help the environment!
~Allyson Koerner

Part of the News Article Series, courtesy of Viktor Franovik


Posted on August 16th, 2010, Written by econewsnetwork

Are you ready for a vacation on the high seas? Cruise lines have gotten a bad rap for polluting the environment, but after some research we’ve found some eco-friendly cruises that are changing courses by protecting the environment one ship at a time. Below is a list of our favorite sustainable cruise lines. Be sure to tell us about yours. We’d love to add to the list.
1. Holland America Line
For more than 137 years, the Holland America Line has been cruising around the country providing relaxation, fun and new adventures for its guests. It is also one of the best eco-friendly cruises dedicated to sustainability. Holland America visits every continent sailing to places such as the Caribbean, Bermuda, Alaska, Europe, and Mexico. It emphasizes environmental conservation and takes great aims to protect the planet.
Aboard each ship, an Environmental Officer trains and educates staff and guests about the environment. Ships include advanced waste water purification systems, eco-friendly cleaning supplies, waste management and recycling programs and low flow water systems for toilets and showers. Holland America reduces hazardous materials by implementing dry cleaning machines that use non-hazardous detergents. Chemical wastes are disposed of ashore in agreement with specific regulations. Guests are encouraged to become environmental stewards offshore and onshore by turning off lights when necessary, recycling and not littering in addition to other eco-friendly tasks. Lastly, furniture, electronics, linens and other unneeded objects are donated worldwide to charities and organizations.
2. Windstar Cruises
Another cruise line committed to conserving and protecting the environment is Windstar Cruises. Sailing all around the world to the Greek Isles, Panama Canal and Costa Rica, Windstar demonstrates a remarkable commitment to environmental protection. Each year, crew members receive eco-training and one is designated as the Environmental Officer, where he/she maintains the cruise line’s standards of protecting the environment. Windstar belongs to the Cruise Lines International Association, an organization assigning members to follow international environmental regulations. While cruising around the world, all chemical and hazardous waste is collected and stored onboard for disposal ashore with licensed contractors. For each trip, the appropriate amount of food and supplies are ordered to reduce waste. Ships use cleaner-burning fuel and low sulfur content. To reduce fuel usage, ships have increased the use of sails. The use of special flow restrictive shower heads, biodegradable cleaning supplies and encouraging guests to participate in protecting the environment are other ways Windstar helps the planet.
3. Celebrity Cruises
Travel to Australia, Hawaii, the Bahamas and the Transatlantic by sailing with Celebrity Cruises. Strongly committed to environmental stewardship, Celebrity Cruises integrate eco-friendly aspects to its cruises wherever possible. On each vessel, an Environmental Officer is available for environmental education and training. Environmental initiatives such as Advanced Wastewater Purification systems, smokeless gas turbine engines, energy-efficient windows and fluorescent and LED light bulbs are included in most ships. Celebrity Cruises is a big supporter of eco-organizations such as Save the Waves, an environmental program protecting the world’s seas and marine life. Also, the cruise line helps the Ocean Fund, a global conservation effort maintaining and promoting awareness of marine ecosystems. Several environmental awards have been given to this cruise line and it has also set up outreach programs benefiting the environment.
4. Lindblad Expeditions
Lindblad Expeditions first started its famous travels in the 1950s and continues sailing to exotic places including the Mediterranean, the Amazon, New Zealand and Egypt. Known for its responsible travel, Lindblad has partnered with National Geographic to educate and inspire people to save the planet. Both have joined forces to promote the preservation of places around the world such as the Alaska Whale Foundation and Oceanites, a non-profit organization helping to conserve oceans, islands and wildlife. While onboard, guests can enjoy fresh meals made from local ingredients providing them with a cuisine similar to the regions they explore. Lindblad supports awareness campaigns and helps with scholarships for educators and students to learn about the world. This cruise line even participates in the Climate Change Action Plan, which focuses on reducing its carbon footprint and promoting awareness of worldwide environmental issues.
5. Costa Cruises
If you’re looking for a cruise that sails to Russia, Dubai and the Far East, then Costa Cruises is for you. In addition to its destinations and activities, Costa Cruises also benefits the environment with a system called the Business Excellence Sustainable Task (B.E.S.T. 4). This system ensures Costa exceeds expectations in aspects such as environmental protection. To make sure every ship continues with environmental protection, Environmental Officers educate staff and guests about the importance of remaining committed to the environment. The cruise line even has two ships environmentally certified in design and build, with a Green Star awarded by RINA. Costa also supports the World Wildlife Fund in Italy promoting awareness to endangered marine eco-regions on the planet like the Mediterranean Sea and region of the Greater Antilles.
Other eco-friendly cruises are out there. So, if you don’t know which cruise to sail away on, take a look at Friends of the Earth’s Cruise Ship Environmental Report Card and decide which cruise is best for you and the environment.
-Allyson Koerner

Part of the News Article Series, courtesy of Viktor Franovik


Monday, August 23, 2010
Las Vegas, Nevada

Jimena Navarette, Miss Mexico wins Miss Universe! Felicitaciones Munequita.... 

Now let's talk about Miss Universe....It was kinda odd this year...change is not totally right, now this is my opinion and personal observations.

I have grown up with Miss Universe and have seen all the changes..One of them is obviously killing me, most of the previous winners have won in white gowns, the last couple of years they have won in colors: reds, yellows, blues, all we need now is someone to win in black....This year no one wore white except for Albania who wore a whitish somewhat see threw gown.

Another thing, If we are going to rate and/or grade the girls, those points should mean something. By my calculations, their were some delegates in the top 5 that should not have been there. So why show points if their not going to be used.

In the past, correct me if I am wrong but I believe the top ten were asked a question to feel them out and get their impressions; then right after the top 5 were announced, again correct me if I am wrong.

(Photo courtesy of Miss Universe Organization)

Maybe it was me but this year I saw less time with the girls and more time about the sponsors and the entertainment; which by the way was a little lame....

Okay, now how many crowns need to be changed. Every year they change the crown, I was getting used too Mikimoto and boom the crown is changed. How about going back to the original big bulky crown that everyone knew just by a quick glimpse.

How about the bathing suits, was this Miss Universe or Playboy? Trust me, I'm a designer, I'm use to seeing women in very little or no clothes but what happened to Jensen and that kind of swimwear?

I love pageants especially Miss Universe, can't we go back to basics, elegance and really probe women's minds and not the popularity of controversy. Your thoughts?



Saturday, August 21, 2010


Last Wednesday, Franovik joined Salud Al Dia magazine and other companies in a networking event at the Hyatt Bonaventure Hotel in Weston.

We put on a fashion show where we used the delegates and titleholders of Miss Teen Earth Florida. Sandra Silva, Pageant Director was present including the current Miss Teen Earth Florida (Brittney Ronda), and Miss Teen Gulf Coast-Miss Water (Lauren Goodman).

The evening went very well, the girls got to network with folks from chambers, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, transportation, news industries, etc.

Carlos Sanchez, President and CEO of Salud Al Dia Magazine had everything coordinated and the food was excellent, although I did not get a bite....

Welcome the new teen faces of Franovik Designs....Lauren, Brittney, Cindy, Britannie and Necol.




It's been a long time since I took a real vacation. So i decided to take this week off. I truly did nothing except for sleeping, resting and watching TV except for a fashion event this Wednesday.

I was watching the boom tube for hours, between naps ofcourse. I saw I Love Lucy, Little House on the Prairie, Who's the Boss, Wonder Woman, Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, Star Trek, Family Matters and The Nanny just to mention a few.  

I love Fran Drescher (Miss Fran Fine) besides being the fashionista that she was and oh so wacky; she had wonderful taste in men ( I hate you girl). To start off their were 6 seasons, between laughter, tears, food and screw ups, the MEN were gorgeous (well not all).

I'll mention the ones I can remember in no particular order. The first Danny, her fiancee, who was stupid but cute, then Phillipe-the French Tutor, Steve-the Stowaway, David-Waiter at the Russian T-room, Kurt-the Male Nanny, Brock Storm-the Actor, Nigel-Max's brother, Glen-the Hot Dog Vendor, Joshie-at the Kubitz, Mike LaVoe-Hockey Player, Gary-the Cantor, Steve-the Funeral Director; there were more including Erik Estrada who's out of gas. 

At least she had some fun while she waiting for Max Sheffield. I myself would have picked from this group. If it were me, these would have been my top five. 1-Phillipe (Tutor), 2-Nigel (Max Brother), 3-Steve (Stowaway), 4-Gary (Cantor) and finally Steve (Funeral Director).

For those die hard Nanny Fans, which were your top five? Write in Peeple.......


Monday, July 19, 2010


We met Aubry last year at Primm Valley, Nevada at the Miss Earth and Teen Earth United States national pageant.

Aubry also lives in Florida, Southwest Florida to be exact, while we live in South Florida.

Immediately, we fell in love with her and her family. Diana, her mom is an enthusiastic, dedicated and very involved mother. They go everywhere together, it's so nice to see the bonding of mother, daughter and the generations.

What can I say about Aubry, besides very hardworking, smart, dynamic, and always cheerful. We have used and continue to use Aubry as one of our key models. She is one of the faces of FRANOVIK DESIGNS, MODELS&DESIGNERS magazine and MOTIVES cosmetics.

This past Saturday, Aubry was the ultimate queen crowning both winners at the Miss Earth and Miss Teen Earth Florida pageant. It was a delightful evening, we judged the pageant and had alot of fun while there.

It's a great feeling when you are surrounded by ladies with interesting points of views, (teens and miss). I remember when we were undercover judges at nationals last year. Aubry also had interesting points of views, an outspoken young lady with a purpose in life.

We have been privileged to be around so many beautiful young ladies....Thank you Aubry for being the doll that you are and being a true friend. We are so proud of you!


Photo by: Christopher DeStefano
for Franovik Designs

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Yesterday evening, we judged the Miss Earth Florida pageant and little did we know that the new Miss Florida USA, Lissette Garcia was going to be there.

I saw her walk in, immediately, I grabbed Frank and headed to meet her. She was gracious and a pleasure to talk too, many people walked up to her and wanted pictures with Lissette. No matter the amount of people and flashes going off, she always had a smile and very friendly.

Throughout the evening it was a picture frenzy; I even got a few words and am going to interview Lissette for Models&Designers magazine.

I guess we'll see her next year at Miss Universe, (hint, hint). I know she has to go to Miss USA first but she's a shoe in to go to Universe...Hope I get to dress her....

It was a pleasure meeting you and hopefully we'll stay in touch....


Viktor Franovik
Photo of Lissette
courtesy of Pageant Fanatic

Sunday, July 11, 2010



FELICITACIONES MADRE PATRIA......From all of us at Models&Designers and FRANOVIK DESIGNS.....

Viktor Franovik

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Franovik Designs and its divisions congratulates Miss Florida 2010 Jaclyn Raulerson. It was a great evening for us shifting channels since the Miss Florida USA 2011 pageant was on an hour after the start of Miss Florida.

Wow!!! We had FLORIDA pageant fever...what a rush, Congratulations Jaclyn, have a blessed year!

Viktor Franovik

Photo courtesy of

Saturday, July 3, 2010


LAST NIGHT, We went to see the last Airbender 3D...I liked it, it was a little slow, the longer it got into the movie the better it got. Some of the scenes were Epic; I won't spoil it for you but the water and war scenes are spectacular.

I was quite surprised with Airbender, M. Night Shyamalan does not have a great track record with his movies. 

Regarding Twilight Eclipse, I will make a comment after I see the first two; believe it, as big as I am a vampire fan, have not been able to get into it. I guess i have a problem with both of them protecting the girl, i hope she has a golden whoha. These two hotties should be going at each other instead of protecting her! 

Here is a review i saw online, I saw several many including Airbender being racist,  google it, it was most interesting....VF

The Movie Man reviews 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' and 'The Last Airbender'
Friday, July 02, 2010
Posted by Kristina Lopez at 04:30:00 AM PDT

Happy weekend everyone, in theaters Twi-hards get their Eclipse and a popular cartoon series becomes a live action movie!
First up, fans are rushing to see the newest installment in the teenage vampire series The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.
The battle between vampires and werewolves heats up in the third Twilight movie. Graduation looms for Bella Swan, but bigger life changing events await her. She's forced to choose between her true love  (vampire) Edward Cullen and her friendship slash repressed love for (werewolf) Jacob Black and the two are battling it out to win her heart. But wait, there's a bigger threat as a malicious vampire's quest for revenge is directed at Bella, and the werewolves and vampires have to team up to save her!  What??

The entire cast is back including Kristen Stewart, Rob Pattinson and Taylor Lautner.   

The Reel Deal: Frankly, if I were Edward or Jacob (and Jacob and I are sporting similar ab regions) I wouldn't fight any harder for Bella than I would, say, a stale cheese sandwich. I don't quite get the whole Kristen Stewart thing.  But on the grounds that Eclipse is the best twilight movie yet, the fans will love it. I'm in.

Up next, a hit TV show makes its way to the big screen in The Last Airbender
In this fantasy adventure, the world's natural elements, air, water, earth and fire are being used to fight a brutal war. Caught in the middle of combat is the young "Aang", the one ruler with the power to manipulate all four elements.  
Aang joins forces with other "airbenders" to restore balance to the war torn world. M. Night Shyamalan directs and the movie is rated PG. 
The Reel Deal: M. Knight Shyamalan-remember when-ahh never mind.  For what it is, Airbender is as good as Twilight. It's not great by a long shot, but I suspect those of you who buy a ticket to see it will be perfectly satisfied that you did. So, I'm marginally in.  
Also in theaters this weekend The Girl Who Played With Fire is based on the second novel from the best selling millennium trilogy by Stieg Larsson.
Oscar winners Helen Mirren and Joe Pesci team up in Love Ranch -- the story of one of the first legalized brothels in Nevada.
So have a great weekend everyone, and I'll see you at the movies.....

Your thoughts?

Viktor Franovik for
Models&Designers Magazine
and website


Saturday, June 26, 2010


Isn't Sofia beautiful? 16, tall and the next Super Model of the WORLD, wearing MOTIVES MAKE UP.

Check out the colors on her eyes....Those are the beautiful new colors available and you can get them all on my website,

Look for my next presentation in South Florida. 

Thank you,

Viktor Franovik

Model: Sofia
Fashion Designer: Francisco Perez
Fashion Stylist/Art Design: Viktor Franovik
Hair: Luis Manuel
Photography: Beatriz Stilwell & Christopher Makris
Jewelry: Expressions in Gold & Silver


Esther Dollar, the reigning Ms Latina International,  cordially invites everyone to the Ms Latina International's "PARADE OF COSTUMES" at the Monarchy Club in West Palm Beach. 

The parade will take place on Wednesday, June 30 at 9:00 pm. Monarchy's address is:

221 Clematis Street, West Palm Beach 33401, for those using your GPS. 

Angela Posillico, Pageant owner and director promises a lively evening full of beauty, and surprises. 

See you there!

Viktor Franovik

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Check this out, 1977, I was about 15 years old and on my own. I was a big disco junkie (still am), at that age, I had maneuvered my way into Studio54; I was tall, hairy and played the part of a grown man so I got away with it, besides i was cute and always dressed to a tee.

I remember, every time I heard this record, I would go crazy, I'd run to the dance floor and just go off with or without someone. The first electronica hit to the TRUE and ONLY QUEEN, Donna Summer.

The song was I Feel Love. I was in the car this morning, heading to work and XM radio's "The Strobe" plays the long version. This play transports me to New York City where this song played on and on.

As I walked down the street, the smell of food in the air as I went to get a slice of pizza, who am i fooling, slices and a coke. I Feel Love played everywhere.

Truthfully, I Felt Love when I heard this record. For those that know me, know that Ms Summer is my all time favorite, Jesus, I wanted to be her. No one can turn me on like she could. I have everything things shes made, even commercials. I even have her German stuff.

I have signed posters, pictures, records, framed gold records, purses, and made my own Donna Summer T-Shirt when I went to see her in Orlando. The queens that went to see her wanted to buy the T-Shirt off my back.

Many years ago I heard a rumor that Donna was going to open a play on Broadway based on her album, Once Upon A Time...I'm still waiting girl, go for me it will sold out! I have so many memories with all her songs, from the first EP ever, Love to Love you baby to her latest Crayons.

Out of all her songs and I love them all, especially the gospel ones; I Feel Love, is the one that does it for me.

Donna, Thank you for giving me and so many people to joy to be able to hear your incredible voice and dance our asses off.....


Viktor Franovik


Meet Miss April....One of the so many models that are working for us at both Franovik and Models&Designers magazine.

This is April's first photo shoot with us but has been working with the photographers Beatriz Stilwell and Christopher Makris of Stilmak ( on other shoots. 

She's tall, beautiful and a professional. We wanted to get a particular look and the hair a certian way, so we played with the looks to create this stunning pic of Miss April. 

You'll be seeing more of April in upcoming fashion shows, editorials and events. 

Anyone looking to book her, you can either come through us at or her photographers (Beatriz and Christopher).

Thank You April, You are Fierce! 

Viktor Franovik

Model: April
Designer: Francisco Perez
Fashion Stylist: Viktor Franovik
Photography: Beatriz Stilwell and Christopher Makris
Hair: Luis Manuel
Make up: Dianna Echevarria & Annette Rosales
Make up: MOTIVES Cosmetics
Jewelry: Expressions in Gold & Silver


Meet Miss Adama....One of the so many models that are working for us at both Franovik and Models&Designers magazine.

This is Adama's first photo shoot with us but has been working with the photographers Beatriz Stilwell and Christopher Makris of Stilmak ( on other shoots. 

She's tall, beautiful and a seasoned professional, did not have to give her direction.  We wanted to get a particular look, I wanted a Grace Jones feel to the shoot, so we played with the looks to create this stunning pic of Miss Adama. 

Adama has been in previous fashion shows with us: you'll be seeing more of Adama in upcoming fashion shows, editorials and events. 

Anyone looking to book her, you can either come through us at or her photographers (Beatriz and Christopher).

Thank You Adama, You are Divine!

Viktor Franovik

Model: Adama
Designer: Francisco Perez
Fashion Stylist: Viktor Franovik
Photography: Beatriz Stilwell and Christopher Makris
Hair: Luis Manuel
Make up: Dianna Echevarria & Annette Rosales
Make up: MOTIVES Cosmetics
Jewelry: Expressions in Gold & Silver

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Meet Miss Mayte....One of the so many models that are working for us at both Franovik and Models&Designers magazine.

This is Mayte's first photo shoot with us but has been working with the photographers Beatriz Stilwell and Christopher Makris of Stilmak ( on other shoots. 

She's tall, beautiful and a professional. We wanted to get a particular look and the hair a certian way, so we played with the looks to create this stunning pics of Miss Mayte. 

You'll be seeing more of Mayte in upcoming fashion shows, editorials and events. 

Anyone looking to book her, you can either come through us at or her photographers (Beatriz and Christopher).

Thank You Mayte, Eres una Munequita!

Viktor Franovik

Model: Mayte
Designer: Francisco Perez
Fashion Stylist: Viktor Franovik
Photography: Beatriz Stilwell and Christopher Makris
Hair: Luis Manuel
Make up: Dianna Echevarria & Annette Rosales
Make up: MOTIVES Cosmetics
Jewelry: Expressions in Gold & Silver