Monday, January 26, 2015

What a Show..Yes Miss Universe.......

Yesterday, I watched the Miss Universe pageant held here in Doral, Florida, not Miami. It was quite the show, but this pageant ( Miss Universe) is always surrounded by some form of controversy; which is good for the ratings but the poor delegates are caught in the middle of it. One of controversies was the Selfie with Miss Israel and Miss Lebanon, and the other the ending decision between Miss Colombia and Miss Jamaica.

So let’s do a deep dive into this, starting with the selection of the judges. Some from sports, DUH really? then some from the TV world, music and some from fashion. No one there besides Nina Garcia, could really judge. The boxer-Manny Pacquiao, we could not understand him because of his heavy accent, just the same Emilio Estefan, then a football player, two baseball players, another waste of talent (non MVP’s), the reality show Housewife- c’mon people, and again the only ones qualified were Nina and Louise Roe.

I don’t understand what happened, usually the judges, at least in the past, were rich in pageant history and/or past beauty queens were included as well.    

Moving on, the delegates. Now I am an American male of Hispanic descent but if I see ONE MORE Miss Venezuela win another title, I will boycott this pageant. There are 88 amazing women representing their countries, and it’s usually the same ones. I feel if that pageant does not call Venezuela there is no pageant, or is there more that we don’t know about?

I have accounts with ALL the social media sites; all I saw especially on Instagram were the pictures of the pageant, good for Miss Universe but too many of Venezuela.  I read today's Washington Post, CNN and a few other web posts, where they spoke about Miss Colombia and Miss Jamaica and the whole fiasco.

That was some good shade! Last night on Instagram Miss Jamaica followers trashed Donald Trump and the pageant calling the pageant a Latin show. 

In all fairness to the pageant, go to your search engine and type in “Politics and Miss Universe” and read all the posts that pop up. Very interesting reading. Let’s move on to the questions and their answers.

None of the delegates, answered correctly. They did not listen to the questions, and I understand, that the heavy accents from some judges were brutal and confusing but the answers the delegates gave were simple and not too direct, I guess they knew “the real zinger” was going to be the online question so not much thought were put in their responses.

I loved the online question, it was amazing. It read, what is the greatest contribution of your country to the entire world?

Wow, I was sweating bullets, an even harder question than the one, I always ask pageant delegates. The ladies touched on some aspect of it but it was a tough question for 30 seconds. That question needs to be answered in an essay, lol.

In my opinion, this is where Miss Jamaica ran into trouble, AS THEY ALL DID but to say that Jamaica’s contribution to the world was Bob Marley and Usain Bolt, sounded cocky and it seemed she was boasting because of his music and Jamaica having the fastest man on the Earth, really?

An example, couldn’t she have said we have amazing people, jerk and beautiful beaches. She had several athletes as judges, who may have felt threatened by the world’s fastest man and Reggae is sometimes associated with weed and hippies, not good references.

My point, none of the girls answered correctly, they started on the right path but failed to deliver, not all the answers need to be philosophical; they can be funny too.

Miss Colombia, had the question regarding what can women take from men, that should have been funny, it could have broken the ice for the whole audience. Going back to greatest contribution, Miss Netherlands, started saying Amsterdam was tolerant but failed to make the final statement of that tolerance and where it laid.

Miss USA, OMG, USA has made so many contributions to the world, granted, it’s hard to pick just one but her answer was vague and general; pick one, an example, the declaration of independence-this means nothing to world but our principles are based on this declaration, hence providing a different view; the United Nations, Wall Street, McDonald’s, whatever it was and elaborate for a few seconds on how it changed the world. That would have been the guiding moment for her and USA.

The end of the pageant is approaching, the five ladies are on stage, the envelope is given to the host and all eyes are on the ladies; I made an earlier prediction on Instagram, this was before the final online question, MISS JAMAICA, despite me hating that she had short hair.

There’s a moment of silence, the suspense is killing me,  and he calls Fourth (4th) runner up…..Miss Jamaica, all stopped, the roar from the audience was overwhelming, which confirmed my earlier comment; her references did her in.

I knew Miss Jamaica wasn’t going to win but she could have been 2nd runner up after USA, (who was first runner up), that would have sufficed the audience. 

Then finally, Miss Colombia and Miss USA, either could have won, they were both okay, neither out did each other, at this point it was going to be who had more of the fire and poise to be Miss Universe and Miss Universe 2015 is Miss Colombia……….

Congratulations to all the Beautiful delegates you are ALL winners. A special “TE QUEREMOS MUCHO” to Gabriela Berrios, Miss Puerto Rico for winning Miss Photogenic, Miss Ghana for Miss Congeniality and Of course Paulina Vega, Miss Universe from Colombia. 

Viktor Franovik