Monday, September 12, 2011


Another year, 60th anniversary..Congrads Miss Universe Organization!!!! Now let's dish about this year show. Brazil, What Happened? It was boring, I was expecting more, more and more!!! It was tame, again, What Happened BRAZIL? It was kinda odd this year...I heard MUO had a new Director, Donald come back!!! My opinion and personal observations.

I have grown up with Miss Universe and have seen all the changes and crowns..One of them is obviously killing me, most of the previous winners have won in white gowns, the last couple of years they have won in colors: reds, yellows, blues, all we need now is someone to win in black....This year at least the top ten had white, although not the prettiest gowns.  

Another thing, we did not see the scores of the judges, instead we got the fans/viewers. I wanted to see how Amelia was voting. If we are going to rate and/or grade the girls, those points should mean something. By my calculations, their were some delegates in the top 10 that should not have been there. So why show points if their not going to be used.

In the past, correct me if I am wrong but I believe the top ten were asked a question to feel them out and get their impressions; then right after the top 5 were announced, again correct me if I am wrong.

Like last year I saw less time with the girls and more time about the sponsors and the entertainment; which by the way was a little lame....Also what happened to the costumes? As a designer, I want to see my creation on the stage, good or bad, I was short changed. So we saw the top 10 costumes, I wanted to see all 89.

Okay, at least they kept the crown, i could not bare with another crown change.....Every year they change the crown, I was getting used too Mikimoto and boom the crown is changed. How about going back to the original big bulky crown that everyone knew just by a quick glimpse.

The bathing suits were okay, i expected to see more skin..DUH, it's BRAZIL. 

I love pageants especially Miss Universe, can't we go back to basics, elegance and really probe women's minds and not the popularity of controversy. 

OMG, did this become a bitchen session, I forgot to congratulate Leila for her victory, first time Angola wins!!!

Blessings darling.....Call me...

Viktor Franovik
(Photo courtesy of Miss Universe Organization) Happy 60th!!!