Monday, July 19, 2010


We met Aubry last year at Primm Valley, Nevada at the Miss Earth and Teen Earth United States national pageant.

Aubry also lives in Florida, Southwest Florida to be exact, while we live in South Florida.

Immediately, we fell in love with her and her family. Diana, her mom is an enthusiastic, dedicated and very involved mother. They go everywhere together, it's so nice to see the bonding of mother, daughter and the generations.

What can I say about Aubry, besides very hardworking, smart, dynamic, and always cheerful. We have used and continue to use Aubry as one of our key models. She is one of the faces of FRANOVIK DESIGNS, MODELS&DESIGNERS magazine and MOTIVES cosmetics.

This past Saturday, Aubry was the ultimate queen crowning both winners at the Miss Earth and Miss Teen Earth Florida pageant. It was a delightful evening, we judged the pageant and had alot of fun while there.

It's a great feeling when you are surrounded by ladies with interesting points of views, (teens and miss). I remember when we were undercover judges at nationals last year. Aubry also had interesting points of views, an outspoken young lady with a purpose in life.

We have been privileged to be around so many beautiful young ladies....Thank you Aubry for being the doll that you are and being a true friend. We are so proud of you!


Photo by: Christopher DeStefano
for Franovik Designs

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Yesterday evening, we judged the Miss Earth Florida pageant and little did we know that the new Miss Florida USA, Lissette Garcia was going to be there.

I saw her walk in, immediately, I grabbed Frank and headed to meet her. She was gracious and a pleasure to talk too, many people walked up to her and wanted pictures with Lissette. No matter the amount of people and flashes going off, she always had a smile and very friendly.

Throughout the evening it was a picture frenzy; I even got a few words and am going to interview Lissette for Models&Designers magazine.

I guess we'll see her next year at Miss Universe, (hint, hint). I know she has to go to Miss USA first but she's a shoe in to go to Universe...Hope I get to dress her....

It was a pleasure meeting you and hopefully we'll stay in touch....


Viktor Franovik
Photo of Lissette
courtesy of Pageant Fanatic