Saturday, August 21, 2010


Last Wednesday, Franovik joined Salud Al Dia magazine and other companies in a networking event at the Hyatt Bonaventure Hotel in Weston.

We put on a fashion show where we used the delegates and titleholders of Miss Teen Earth Florida. Sandra Silva, Pageant Director was present including the current Miss Teen Earth Florida (Brittney Ronda), and Miss Teen Gulf Coast-Miss Water (Lauren Goodman).

The evening went very well, the girls got to network with folks from chambers, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, transportation, news industries, etc.

Carlos Sanchez, President and CEO of Salud Al Dia Magazine had everything coordinated and the food was excellent, although I did not get a bite....

Welcome the new teen faces of Franovik Designs....Lauren, Brittney, Cindy, Britannie and Necol.




It's been a long time since I took a real vacation. So i decided to take this week off. I truly did nothing except for sleeping, resting and watching TV except for a fashion event this Wednesday.

I was watching the boom tube for hours, between naps ofcourse. I saw I Love Lucy, Little House on the Prairie, Who's the Boss, Wonder Woman, Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, Star Trek, Family Matters and The Nanny just to mention a few.  

I love Fran Drescher (Miss Fran Fine) besides being the fashionista that she was and oh so wacky; she had wonderful taste in men ( I hate you girl). To start off their were 6 seasons, between laughter, tears, food and screw ups, the MEN were gorgeous (well not all).

I'll mention the ones I can remember in no particular order. The first Danny, her fiancee, who was stupid but cute, then Phillipe-the French Tutor, Steve-the Stowaway, David-Waiter at the Russian T-room, Kurt-the Male Nanny, Brock Storm-the Actor, Nigel-Max's brother, Glen-the Hot Dog Vendor, Joshie-at the Kubitz, Mike LaVoe-Hockey Player, Gary-the Cantor, Steve-the Funeral Director; there were more including Erik Estrada who's out of gas. 

At least she had some fun while she waiting for Max Sheffield. I myself would have picked from this group. If it were me, these would have been my top five. 1-Phillipe (Tutor), 2-Nigel (Max Brother), 3-Steve (Stowaway), 4-Gary (Cantor) and finally Steve (Funeral Director).

For those die hard Nanny Fans, which were your top five? Write in Peeple.......