Sunday, July 18, 2010


Yesterday evening, we judged the Miss Earth Florida pageant and little did we know that the new Miss Florida USA, Lissette Garcia was going to be there.

I saw her walk in, immediately, I grabbed Frank and headed to meet her. She was gracious and a pleasure to talk too, many people walked up to her and wanted pictures with Lissette. No matter the amount of people and flashes going off, she always had a smile and very friendly.

Throughout the evening it was a picture frenzy; I even got a few words and am going to interview Lissette for Models&Designers magazine.

I guess we'll see her next year at Miss Universe, (hint, hint). I know she has to go to Miss USA first but she's a shoe in to go to Universe...Hope I get to dress her....

It was a pleasure meeting you and hopefully we'll stay in touch....


Viktor Franovik
Photo of Lissette
courtesy of Pageant Fanatic

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