Thursday, September 23, 2010


September 22, 2010

Julie Rabbani, Editor in Chief of Bayfront Magazine hosted a lavish launch at LIV last night. Julie was surrounded by friends, family, photographers, associates, colleagues, local celebrities and featured designers Viktor and Francisco of Franovik Designs.

The evening was hot, as most Miami Beach nights are, the music was kicking, drinks flowing and the most beautiful people came out on a Wednesday night to celebrate.

Julie looked dashing last night, and the magazine…..the STAR of the evening was sensational. I saw people flipping through the pages, some folks spotted us and came over to congratulate us and ask us why ECO COUTURE; as we explained the why, what, and how most got the picture of what we were all about.

It’s about helping the environment and making use of what we have and recreating instead of tossing or putting it away in storage. Recycling is what we do, it’s more than just ECO, it’s creating “Wearable Pieces of Art” and giving back to the community; another part of Franovik, which is fundraising for needy causes.

As we waited for LIV to open its’ doors, we took a tour with a bottle of bubbly as we walked all over. It’s been a while since I last visited the Fontainebleau; the renovations are really good. The HUGE bar as you walk in was packed, as I walked out to the pool the breeze was inviting, it said “just lay by the pool and enjoy” not in a suit unfortunately….Maybe next time we will make it a day.

All and all it was a great evening full of energy, Miami is such a party town. We met new people and made new friends locally and from the West Coast of Florida, SUP NAPLES!!!!!

Thank you Julie, and your staff. You really made us feel special!  We are so looking to the future and building on our relationship. Who knows, we could do a launching of Models & Designers, our magazine in Naples too…..

Much Love,

Viktor Franovik

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