Tuesday, June 8, 2010

DO YOU REMEMBER "JONATHAN WAUD" Make Me A Super Model, season 2

I want to get away a bit from all of my stuff and write about fun and more indepth issues too. Let's go with the fun stuff first; we can talk about BP later....Anyway, Do you remember Mr. Beautiful, Jonathan Waud;  First runner up at  Make Me A Super Model, season 2?

Well I do, although Branden won, the true winner was Jonathan. Has anyone seen pics or ads on Branden? I haven't, yet I continue to see ad campaigns on Jonathon. Are you loving this pic?

I was very upset, (and that's not the words or phrase I want to use) when he did not win. But just as other reality shows, the winner is not the winner, (if that makes any sense). In my opinion, they give the prize to the one which will make less of a difference or impact; so they go down in history as the winner but at the end of the day, "money talks", you guys know the rest of that ........

So what's up with season three (3) of Make Me A Super Model? I haven't seen any movement on Bravo's behalf. I need my model FIX! I still watch Tyra, Project Runway's-Models of the Runway and even Rupaul's Drag Race (Love you Ru) but I need "Make Me A Super Model"......

Going back to Mr. Beautiful.  For those that are looking for him; google him, there are tons of other pics that I did not put on here, nothing bad, his nudes are artistically done.  I understand he has two (2) modeling agencies that represent him; NOUS Model Management and Front Management here in Miami.

I see a bright star for Jonathan, he's got what it takes!  Jonathan, if you read this, I am a ECO Fashion Designer that would love to work with you someday....Call me :-)

Viktor Franovik

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