Thursday, June 10, 2010


Well season 7 is upon us, Hallelu! Another season where we get to see these beautiful kids do their thing on stage. I already have favorites as i had in past seasons but i won't jinx them so i will remain quiet for now.

As i said in my past blog article on Jonathan Waud; I want to keep it fun and talk about topics that affect us all, good, bad or indifferent. I would like to see your comments, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Other than Franovik's blog which will be more fashion driven, the magazine's blog should be fun and lively.

With that said, lets go back to "So you think you can dance", I saw most of the auditions, loved them, many bombed, hence only 11 but i enjoyed all the different styles, movements and the bodies on these dancers....

I don't know about you, I missed Mary and her screaming, it's not the same. And correct me if I'm wrong but Tyce Diorio is hotter (VC-very cute)... I am looking forward to seeing all the choreography's, I still remember season 5 when they all came out in black looked like leather or vinyl, eye patches, that kind of thing was hot.....Kept me on my feet!

I still miss my Jacob and Victor of season 6, had to mention them in this blog, "Cause I don't want ya ta forget them".  I know the new dancers will be just as memorable

Oh, before I forget, CAT DEELEY, I WANT TO DRESS YOU! Call me :-)

Break a leg people...Make me proud as the show always does!

Viktor Franovik
Photos from FOX/TV Squad/Mathieu Young

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