Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Meet Miss Adama....One of the so many models that are working for us at both Franovik and Models&Designers magazine.

This is Adama's first photo shoot with us but has been working with the photographers Beatriz Stilwell and Christopher Makris of Stilmak (www.stilmak.com) on other shoots. 

She's tall, beautiful and a seasoned professional, did not have to give her direction.  We wanted to get a particular look, I wanted a Grace Jones feel to the shoot, so we played with the looks to create this stunning pic of Miss Adama. 

Adama has been in previous fashion shows with us: you'll be seeing more of Adama in upcoming fashion shows, editorials and events. 

Anyone looking to book her, you can either come through us at info@franovik.com or her photographers (Beatriz and Christopher).

Thank You Adama, You are Divine!

Viktor Franovik

Model: Adama
Designer: Francisco Perez
Fashion Stylist: Viktor Franovik
Photography: Beatriz Stilwell and Christopher Makris
Hair: Luis Manuel
Make up: Dianna Echevarria & Annette Rosales
Make up: MOTIVES Cosmetics
Jewelry: Expressions in Gold & Silver

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