Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Check this out, 1977, I was about 15 years old and on my own. I was a big disco junkie (still am), at that age, I had maneuvered my way into Studio54; I was tall, hairy and played the part of a grown man so I got away with it, besides i was cute and always dressed to a tee.

I remember, every time I heard this record, I would go crazy, I'd run to the dance floor and just go off with or without someone. The first electronica hit to the TRUE and ONLY QUEEN, Donna Summer.

The song was I Feel Love. I was in the car this morning, heading to work and XM radio's "The Strobe" plays the long version. This play transports me to New York City where this song played on and on.

As I walked down the street, the smell of food in the air as I went to get a slice of pizza, who am i fooling, slices and a coke. I Feel Love played everywhere.

Truthfully, I Felt Love when I heard this record. For those that know me, know that Ms Summer is my all time favorite, Jesus, I wanted to be her. No one can turn me on like she could. I have everything things shes made, even commercials. I even have her German stuff.

I have signed posters, pictures, records, framed gold records, purses, and made my own Donna Summer T-Shirt when I went to see her in Orlando. The queens that went to see her wanted to buy the T-Shirt off my back.

Many years ago I heard a rumor that Donna was going to open a play on Broadway based on her album, Once Upon A Time...I'm still waiting girl, go for it...trust me it will sold out! I have so many memories with all her songs, from the first EP ever, Love to Love you baby to her latest Crayons.

Out of all her songs and I love them all, especially the gospel ones; I Feel Love, is the one that does it for me.

Donna, Thank you for giving me and so many people to joy to be able to hear your incredible voice and dance our asses off.....


Viktor Franovik

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